AbhishekGalshar is a renowned name in the field of film, culture and art in Surat city. He is the Director of three international award winning  Films and  he has been successfully organizing International Film Festival in Gujarat for more than a decade. Apart from that, he is the co-ordinator of Academy of Cultural Activities & Art Institute (ACAAI) Which has been constantly giving stage to more than 3000 artists on various  fieldstill now. 

His dedicated work is aimed to  preserve and nourish Indian Film, Art & Culture. He has been awarded for Best Short Film writing at International Level. He has made many creative short films and AdFilms to several prestigious companies.

He is equipped with special technique in digital world like Creative Film Editor &colour gradingetc.He has been trained as a Film Editor at Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA), Mumbai.

He is the owner of Dream Kreator Digital Studio (Production House)established in 2011 at surat and recently he has started India Digital Film Making Institute Which provides career oriental film courses.